5 ideas for your modern nursery


by Adriane Jungues

If you ask me what is the main element while designing a room like this, I would say it is the future user of this space. Nurseries are such a pleasure to design because you know that a tiny and fresh little baby will be admiring it from the very beginning.

But although a nursery design has an unborn baby in mind, ultimately, the parents are the one making the decisions and everything will go much smoother if they know what they want or if not, let us, designers, think for and with them.

In this particular project, the clients were myself and my husband and to be honest, my husband is quite an easy client and I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do.

By Adriane Jungues

Here is the main ideas for our baby #2 nursery:

  1. Work with a lot of existing furniture around the house from our my first daughter’s former nursery
  2. Gender neutral
  3. Keep it simple – clutter free
  4. Mainly modern style with contemporary accents
  5. Chosen colors – Mint and Orange/Tangerine


Here are some inspirational projects that could put you on the right track – Grey and yellow tones go a long way for gender neutral and modern nursery designs!

Nat’s Outdoor-Inpired Nursery by Touijerdesigns
Could not find the author

See you next time!



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